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WebTrader is packed to impress, and its splendid compatibility is not the only feature valued by so many traders worldwide.

Account histories

Keep a record of your trades to analyze your performance – and maybe map out some more exciting market travels? Browse various date ranges and enjoy the neatly systematized information.

Striking performance speed

Make the most of rapid execution across 9 time frames for long and short term trades. Place market or pending orders in one click to save time for honing your strategy and trading ahead of others. Flexibility and an intuitive design make operating the WebTrader as smooth as can be.

Handy charts & analytics

Use three different types of customizable charts to keep an eye on global trends while riding through the markets. Optimize your trading with all the necessary instruments for technical analysis. Fibonacci ratios, bollinger bands, and moving averages are just a few of the indicators and tools available on the platform.

Transparent & secure trading

Employ the platform to its fullest, assured of the security of your online operations. HFTrading is a regulated Financial Service Provider that offers no requotes and no price manipulation.

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